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Philips Zenit 5.1 Speaker System 




A robust acoustic construction aesthetically complemented by honest natural material such as wood, aluminum and fabric to seamlessly integrate into a modern living space. The tapered body of the satellite speaker conveys elegance, slimness, and simplicity.  For ease of use, a cable storage feature is implemented into the bottom of the satellite speakers and the rear speaker stands, with matching cable color and wall mount accessories to ensure finishing consistency.


The Zenit speaker system is 5.1 home theater system created with a lifestyle design that would fill the room with sound while complimenting consumers living space.  It is equipped with the highest quality sound output from your entertainment sources – from enjoying Ultra HD content to wirelessly streaming music from your devices.

Each of the speaker cabinet is wrapped fully in cloth to cover the speaker layout.  The gesture of the one piece full cabinet wrapping is to suggest a wide sound projection, which is a powerful method of articulating immersive sound instead of showing off each of the speaker cones. 


For the grey version, wood is prevalent in home interior, it adds a certain warm to the aesthetic and complements the home furnishing.  The white ash wood grain is carefully chosen for its elegant grain and retains a color tone that work well with other materials and colors.

The design of the Zenit speaker is inspired by the combination of home interior design trends and the expression of immersive cinematic sound.  To transition this inspiration into the product, we’ve used materials that fitted well with modern home interiors to convey the design for home intent.


Inspired by the combination of home interior design trends and the expression of immersive cinematic sound.

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Lifestyle design without compromise  

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