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For this project, the Carúpano family entrusted us to design, develop and manufacture their new image for the Ron Carúpano premium line of products.

Ron Carúpano is recognized as one of the Premium rums of Venezuela for its 260 years of tradition. A demanding context, an exceptional microclimate, long periods of aging and pure spring water, together with a long history of rum mastery, are the elements that differentiate Ron Carúpano from other brands.

The idea was to create a unified design language. Something simple and classic but modern, with high end elements, textures and elegant finishes that echo the high quality of the multi award winning Rum Carúpano products.

From concept development, 3D modeling, animation, factory sourcing, full manufacturing (tooling, glass, injection and printed goods) and shipping logistics for every element of the premium and ultra premium product line, Concepto is and entrusted supplier of Carúpano, constantly working to deliver the best quality of package for their famous rums

Carupano 21.png

Ron Carúpano 21,  The Global Spirits Masters awarded  the Master medal in the Ron de Oro category, Ultra-Premium category "worlds best Rums"


The prestigious Forbes magazine highlighted Ron Carúpano 21 as an exceptional rum in its most recent review of the Rum & Cachaca Masters 2022. In its article Forbes reviewed the best rums in the competition, giving special emphasis to Ron Carúpano 21, distinguishing its aromatic profile, notes of fruit, caramel, and chocolate.

In March 2022, Ron Carúpano’s entire commercial portfolio was awarded and recognized by the judges of the competition, with Ron Carúpano 21 notable standing out with the Master medal in the gold rums category, Ultra-Premium category, the highest recognition awarded in the competition. Congratulations to the Carúpano Family for wining another prestigious competition.  


Carupano Legendario
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