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There’s absolutely no compromising on healthcare and medical attention, especially when it comes to traveling with loved ones that require special attention. It’s always good to be prepared for unforeseen incidents with Children of special needs.

From design research, brainstorming, concept development, 3D modeling and prototyping, we worked with the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital (former Miami children's hospital) and their KidzStuff division team to develop this unique first aid kit tailored for families with children of special needs.

A World Leader in Pediatric Healthcare the NCH required a solution for a personalized travel Aid Kid that could adapt to different situations .

kidsStuff AID kit
Open pouch

3D rendering sample 

The KidzStuff first Aid Kit features one of a kind color based modular design that allows for items to be organized for use on multiple scenarios and facilities. the hard shell multilayer case protects all of the medical supplies and helps to keep them organized while providing easy access and visibility of all supplies. 


Textile based products from design to prototyping through transfer to production. 

KidsDtuff AID kit open

For every product we develop, we maintain a fine balance between innovation, design language to provide our clients with new products that also fit their marketing needs.
Light weight and easy to carry, this rough and durable construction multifunctional case features water proof pouches and a thermoformed outer housing with bright colors for higher visibility 

After completion of the product development stages, we assisted NCH with the creation of fully functional prototypes for the KidzStuff team to use in focus groups,  sales and marketing concept validation before going into production.

Procurement, sourcing and ​Factory allocation was also part of the project, a full manufacturing 
package including engineering,  BOM and FOB pricing was delivered to the KidStuff team.


Trusted  development partner

physical working prototype done for validation stage

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