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From design research, brainstorming, concept development, ergonomics, 3D modeling and prototyping, we have collaborated with the Black and Decker team on the development of countless projects.

For 16 years, we have worked together with the Black and Decker team on the development of multiple iconic, top selling products on a wide range of categories, from beverage, garment care, food prep to ovens and toasters we have worked on every category of household appliances the brand offers. 


Garment Care 
Design, 3D modeling, Engineering CMF and Prototyping 

gartmen care.png

left to right Xpress Steam Cord Reel ICR07X Allure D3030, Vitessa ICR2020 

A clear understanding of human factors and ergonomics is key when developing handheld products.
According to the Vitessa is the best value steam iron for 2022. The 
Allure D3030 top 5 best irons by, and the Xpress Steam Cord Reel ICR07X  voted excellent in overall performance by 


Toasters and Ovens  
Design, 3D modeling, animation, Engineering, CMF and Prototyping 

For this category black + decker entrusted our team to develop multiple chassis that are the base to most of their current product line.
we have develop many of the top seller units that are still been sold after been designed over a decade ago, our signature handles and knobs are embedded signature parts of their brand DNA

TRO480BS copyHR.png

TRO480 one of B+D best selling toasters of all time 


For every product we develop, we maintain a fine balance between innovation, brand heritage and design language to provide our clients with new products that also stand the test of time.
To the left is the T2569B a toaster designed in 2006 and is still selling strong in all major retail channels  .

T2569B one of B+D best selling toasters for 16 years  

control panel S.jpg

Food Prep   
Design, 3D modeling, animation, Engineering, CMF and Prototyping 

In this category, we have develop multiple products, from blenders, Small choppers, to food processors and juicers. 
We have been able to innovate in this category, developing safety mechanisms that improved the usability of products in the category. We have been awarded multiple patents and thus, bring additional value to our client 


I1.5-Cup One-Touch Electric Food Chopper, Black, HC150B

BL3000S 750-Watt 4-Speed Die-Cast Metal Blender

samples of past projects 

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