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For this project, we were in charge of the design development, design DNA and feature set for the flagship Remington shaver.  

From design research, brainstorming, idealization, concept development, ergonomics, 3D modeling and prototyping, our team was able to create a very complete and multifaceted design that is capable of adjusting to different price points and market segments. In 2014 Hyperflex received 3 Red Dot awards for best design.

Remington's HyperFlex rotary shavers are the brand’s first wet and dry models, designed to work with the contours of the face for an even, close shave. 

HyperFlex is a series of high-performance rotary shavers that not only impress with their attractive design. Its new HyperFlex technology ensures maximum skin contact and a smooth transition from face to neck thanks to the flexible 360-degree swivel head. The surface of the shaving heads adapts precisely to the contours of the face, while a precise cutting system with two shaving rings delivers the desired shaving result. The integrated long hair trimmer extends at the push of a button and is perfect for detailed styling.

Statement of the Reddot jury The electric razors of the HyperFlex series are technically and ergonomically exemplary, which guarantees optimal shaving comfort.

Remington came to us seeking design assistance for another of their shaver programs. We worked  on sketching, concept development, 3D modeling and prototyping.
Similarly to the Hyperflex program, the design received multiple patents on features and the unique travel flip charging station which was also conceived and developed by our team.

We worked together with the Remington team on the development of Remington H5600H Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter. From sketching and concept development to 3D modeling and rendering, our team worked closely with the Remington team making sure the program produced a successful and beautiful product. 

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