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Start-up Smart Citizen came to us to help them build software and hardware solutions for Smart Cities. Their marketplace platform allows for cities to inventory their biggest asset, whether its On-Street or Off-Street parking and manage it through one simple solution.

We helped develop a revolutionary smart parking system that provides cities with real time actionable management control and frictionless deployment from a light pay by app system all the way up to advanced granular totaling a complete smart city solution.

With zero ($0) upfront cost to the city / operator, Smart Citizen is able to deploy anywhere in the world.  We developed standalone sensors, multi-frequency, and battery powered modules to create a seamless in-vehicle payment experience.



The focus is on Cities, Citizens and Businesses, the way Smart Citizen integrates them all, is through their platform, connecting vehicles to the infrastructure allowing citizens to seamlessly pay for different services like: parking, gas, drive-thru, car wash, tolls.

This complete integration generates powerful granular data so cities and local business can react swiftly, whether it's for events throughout the city (concerts, games), dynamic pricing and true space availability, or push notifications to citizens parking near local business to validate their parking session.

Water proof ground pod magnetic antenna 


Design, 3D modeling, Engineering CMF and Prototyping 


During this project, we performed detailed research & competitor analysis, understanding market trends, user

technologies, colors, materials, finishes and processes for Industrial Design and Manufacturing consideration for the new technologies used by our client.


We assisted by leading internal and external teams to produce 2D and 3D concepts and prototypes to illustrate design direction and detailed product feature detailing. We proposed product designs considering low and high volume manufacturing techniques and work with Mechanical Engineering to implement and develop, ensuring successful implementation of industrial design, marketing and packaging solutions for all Smart Citizen products.


Following the design through the entire product development process while engaging with worldwide manufacturers to ensure design intent and quality. Concepto worked on a corporate level across product lines while ensuring consistency for design and brand identity on all of our clients products including trade shows events.

Vehicle transponder receiver 


The definitive On-Street & Off-Street Parking Ecosystem for Smart Cities, Smart Citizens and Smart Businesses.

smart citizen booth

Trade show booth design and production 

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